Your Partner For Life

We exist so families living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will NEVER be ALONE. Because at HighPointe, we are truly YOUR PARTNER for LIFE!

We talk to clients, families and friends all the time, and we hear the same questions again and again:

“What’s going to happen to my family? Will we survive this?”

“I wish we had money and resources. But, I can only work part-time.”

“I’m frustrated and feel alone. Who will help me sort through this?”

“How will I care for my child for 70-years? What does that mean?”

“My relationships are falling apart. I can only focus on my child’s needs.”

“Who will care for my child when I can’t?

At HighPointe, these questions and concerns are VERY REAL to us. And, we’ve spent the last 30-years helping families find the answers. Whether you’re a client at HighPointe or a member of our larger IDD Community, we’re COMMITTED toYOU.

We’re committed to actively supporting you and your family. We’re committed to being an ear that will listen and a shoulder you can lean on. We’ll be by your side through every step of this challenging journey. We exist because we know what you’re going through – we’ve been on this journey with our loved ones. We understand, and we vow to work alongside our clients and families, and the larger IDD Community – to inspire you to dream and achieve in the face of all barriers – and PURSUE PERSONAL GROWTH at all times.

HighPointe is NOT your average day program provider.

We are a community of people invested in living our best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities. We support our HighPointe clients as they do the same, by offering multiple programs to choose from, depending on the specific needs of each individual.