Pursuing Personal Growth at HighPointe

For families living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities pursuing personal growth is extremely challenging, and often times it’s not a priority.

At HighPointe it’s THE priority! The opportunity for clients to pursue personal growth is the reason for every program and service we offer.

“I am so proud of our HighPointe staff. They bring an incredible variety of skills and expertise. They are knowledgeable and competent. But, the thing I love the most is how deeply every member of our staff cares for our clients. Our clients ARE the reason that each of us gets out of bed everyday. They are the reason we show up to work excited to begin another day..” – Ken Ziel, Founder and CEO

At HighPointe, we put the needs, interests, goals and desires of our clients first!

Our clients want to grow, learn and experience new things. So do you. So do we. We are committed to providing programs at HighPointe that meet this very real need. We connect all of our programs, services and activities to this purpose. In order to offer programs that enhance the quality of life for our clients and their families, we incorporate these key values:

  • Meaningful Choice: Our clients are given daily opportunities to make meaningful choices based on their dreams, experiences and personal goals. Their life choices – those that don’t compromise health and safety – are respected and valued.

  • Increasing Independence: Pursuing personal growth means offering the services and support our clients need to achieve ever-increasing levels of independence. We’ve designed our programs to provide a high degree of flexibility and choice, based on the interests, preferences and strengths of each individual.

HighPointe is not just another day program provider.

We are a community of people invested in living our best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities. We support our HighPointe clients as they do the same, by offering multiple programs to choose from, depending on the specific needs of each individual.

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We exist so families living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will NEVER be alone. We exist as a partner for life!

With your support – through financial and in-kind donations, volunteer time and community connections – we’ll continue to exist!