Challenging the Way Things Are Done

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

We EXIST to:

  • Build and Strengthen OUR Communities
  • Care for YOUR Family Like Our Own
  • Promote Leadership and Encourage Independence
  • Teach Social and Vocational Skills
  • Provide Education and Resources

At HighPointe, we’re focused on empowering our clients and families – not just helping them. With that in mind, we focus on personalizing care and adapting our services to meet each individual need. Built on a foundation of high-quality services and compassionate employees, we strive to enable the effective development of our clients’ abilities.

Our Vision

Our vision at HighPointe is to become the leading provider of essential care, meaningful programming and valuable services, as we empower our clients to successfully pursue personal growth for a lifetime.

We’re challenging the way things are done. We’re thinking differently about how we hire, develop and retain talented employees. We’re opening doors to innovation, and refining our programming and services to provide the highest level of assistance and support.

At HighPointe, we understand strategic partnerships are important for growth, success and longevity, so we’re working hard to build new relationships with individual members, small businesses and large corporations in our communities. With these new partnerships, we’ll have access to additional resources, which will take our efforts to a whole new level. Imagine having access to additional staff members and caregivers, transportation options and campus locations, along with further high-quality programming and service choices.

We will create the very BEST experience for our clients, families and staff members!

Our Values

The HighPointe Philosophy is expressed in these four values:

  • Honor God in ALL We Do:
    Do the right thing – especially when no one is watching. Treat each person with dignity and respect. And, respect each person’s spirituality.

  • Excel with Clients:
    Serve others as we would be served. Empower clients. Stand behind our quality of service.

  • Help Employees Develop:
    Help people do their best every day. Build proud, dynamic teams. Help people reach their goals.

  • Grow Responsibly:
    Act as good stewards of our financial resources. Constantly improve and innovate. Meet our commitments.

Get Involved Today!

We exist so families living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will NEVER be alone. We exist as a partner for life!

With your support – through financial and in-kind donations, volunteer time and community connections – we’ll continue to exist!