For People of ALL Abilities

Sharing the Challenges

Exceptional Expeditions is an outdoor adventure program established to provide meaningful growth opportunities – through fun adventures – for men and women living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Our knowledgeable staff members identify locations that provide a challenge to our participants, while also enabling them to enjoy the great outdoors and providing an opportunity for developing new and lasting friendships!

Our expeditions are more than just a walk in nature – they raise spirits, soothe the soul and restore strength. Each adventure provides a physical and mental challenge to participants, so they leave with a sense of accomplishment, excitement and self-assuredness. Participants will also leave with a certificate of course completion and a t-shirt commemorating their experience.

Safety FIRST

At HighPointe, we believe exploration of the natural world benefits everyone, and we act on that belief. We operate in a manner that facilitates full participation by people of ALL abilities, while ensuring the safety of our participants and staff members.

Like so many of our experiences in life, we do not go it alone. Our expeditions are no different. By sharing the challenges that the expedition provides, participants develop a bond that’s deeper than a friendship. It’s a true fellowship.

In order to guarantee the highest level of protection from injury, HighPointe follows strict safety guidelines and standards. Prior-to each trip, participants are provided with a detailed itinerary, so they can properly pack, plan and prepare for their adventure. Once the adventure begins, participants are accompanied by trained outdoor guides, who’ve undergone background checks and extensive training to ensure they have the appropriate level of knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work with individuals living with IDDs in an outdoor setting – especially those with physical support needs and developmental delays. Why? Because Exceptional Expeditions is all about access, inclusion, equity and opportunity!

We currently offer one-day urban adventures, along with multi-day overnight adventures for members of our IDD Community.

One-Day Urban Adventure

The Exceptional Expeditions One-Day Urban Adventure is a community-based program that provides Saturday trips around the Colorado front-range. We explore various communities and the unique hidden gems they offer. Trip costs vary depending on location, but include all transportation and activity fees.

Multi-Day Overnight Adventure

The Exceptional Expeditions Multi-Day Overnight Adventure is a program that provides participants with opportunities for greater independence, exploration and growth. We explore various national parks, popular tourism spots and outdoor adventures across Colorado. Trip costs vary depending on location, but include all transportation and activity fees.

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For more information about our Exceptional Expeditions program, please contact our HighPointe Program Manager by phone or email at: 303-221-3222 or [email protected].

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We exist so families living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will NEVER be alone. We exist as a partner for life!

With your support – through financial and in-kind donations, volunteer time and community connections – we’ll continue to exist!